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Buying Tasmanian Property – Should you arrange a Boundary Survey?

We are often asked by purchasers whether or not they should arrange for the boundaries to the property that they are purchasing to be checked by a surveyor. Arranging for a professional surveyor to conduct an examination of the boundaries helps to ensure that the physical location of the boundaries matches the plans registered at the titles office.

A survey can also help you to be satisfied that there are no structures such as fences or buildings which overlap (the technical term being ‘encroach’) from or onto your land.

Although a survey is an extra cost, it will likely cost a lot more to resolve boundary disputes once you are the owner of the property. For example, where a building encroaches a boundary the common ways to resolve the issues are:

  • demolishing and rebuilding the structure in the correct location; or
  • paying to purchase the additional land from your neighbour and having the new boundaries registered at the titles office.

Other investigations into the property are often called surveys such as geotechnical or soil surveys – also referred to as soil tests. Such tests can help you assess the property of the soil for construction and engineering purposes. Soil tests are important, especially in new subdivisions as low quality soil can lead to additional construction costs. Accordingly, it is important to include in contracts for vacant land specific clauses to make your purchase subject to satisfactory investigations and obtain the advice of experts on what the results may mean for your planned use of the property.

Whilst on the topic of investigations when purchasing property, it is important not to forget building and pest inspections.

If you are purchasing a property in Tasmania and need assistance in relation to suitable clauses or advice on these issues, please contact us in 03 6332 9353 or use our Contact Us form

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