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Conveyancing in Tasmania - When do I pick up the keys?

When you sign a contract to purchase a property the end goal is getting the keys safely in your hands. Therefore it is not surprising that we are often asked is who and where do they pick the keys up from?

There is a process that takes place prior to the keys being released. In most circumstances, where there is an agent involved, the keys are in the hands of the agent once the seller has vacated the property. However, there are a couple of things that your solicitor needs to do before the agent can release the keys to you:

  • Settlement must be completed; and
  • The agent is advised by the seller’s solicitor (normally via email) that settlement has been completed;

Once the above items have been attended to you can contact the agent to confirm that your keys are ready to be collected.

If an agent is not involved, the seller would normally provide the keys to their solicitor once they have vacated the property and the seller’s solicitor would then hand the keys to your solicitor at the settlement.

Once settlement has occurred your solicitor will then ring to you advise that the keys are available for collection.

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