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Tasmanian Property - Out of Pocket Expenses Explained

It is important to ensure that you know what is and isn’t included when you get a quote for conveyancing. Out of pocket expenses (also known as ‘disbursements’) are costs incurred by your solicitor for items such as searches and registration fees. These costs are not part of the professional services fee.

Out of pocket expenses are normally made up of the following:

  • title searches;
  • rates and land tax searches;
  • other information provided by government authorities;
  • mines searches; and
  • registration fees (such as transfer/discharge of mortgage/mortgage registration fees).

You should only be charged the same fees that your solicitor has been charged for the searches/registration fees.

Other than searches, you may also be required to pay settlement agent fees (where an agent is required if the place of settlement is in a city other than where your solicitor's office is located).

Some other costs that you might see in a conveyancing transaction will be as part of the settlement adjustments rather than as an out of pocket expense. Normally this is when one party is responsible for the cost, but for practical reasons the other has paid or will pay it. This normally relates to rates/taxes and rent adjustments as these items are often paid in advance. When doing the adjustments for settlement one party receives or pays more at the time of settlement to cover the additional cost they have outlaid (rates and taxes are usually paid to 30 June) or reimburses the additional income they have received (rent adjustment).

Accordingly, when you get a quote for conveyancing if it is not made clear as to whether or not the out of pocket expenses are included in the quote you should seek clarification and a clear breakdown of the quote. We are more than happy to provide a complete breakdown of our quote in writing.

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