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Wills and Online Accounts

Traditionally all our assets were in a physical form, be it real estate, cash or personal belongings. However, as the internet encroaches further and further into our everyday lives your Tasmanian Will needs to have regard to what happens to your online accounts when you die.

The internet is playing a greater role in our daily communications and information storage, meaning it is important that people consider what happens to their digital assets and online information when they die.

The way we are filing, storing, collecting and communicating is changing. For example I grew up originally buying vinyl records, quickly moving to compact discs and more recently buying digital music from online shops. As another example, personal materials such as letters and diaries are slowly being replaced by social media.

We now store large amounts of information online and some people may want these accounts shut down when they die, while others may want them memorialised or passed onto future generations.

It is important to turn your mind to who will have possession of your smart phone, computer, tablets, and other electronic devices that store important things such as photos, passwords and account information.

You should leave instructions as to what is to happen to your online information and assets in your Tasmanian Will.

Social media platforms should only require a death certificate as proof of death, so once this is provided to the relevant company, the executor of your estate should be able to close an account down or memorialise it.

Our simple tips to consider when reviewing or updating your Tasmanian Will:

  • Consider how you want your accounts dealt with once you pass away;
  • Review each policy (usually called a ‘deceased user’ policy) of each online account (including email accounts) you use; and

  • Don’t limit your Will to specific online accounts or current social media platforms.

To discuss how we can help you with preparing your Tasmanian Will, please contact us on 03 6332 9353.

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